TWO Upright Handgrips Shift Workload To Larger Muscle Groups

PHOENIX - July 7, 2016 - PRLog -- TheEZGrip Dot Com LLC introduces TheEZGrip™ silkscreen squeegee, the first ergonomic squeegee that has two upright handle grips. The two upright handles transfer the workload from the hands and wrists to the larger muscle groups in the upper body, which in many cases, reducing the stress and pain experienced by commercial screen printers.

This problem, common amongst printers, is a result of the teardrop shape that forms the topside of the conventional screen squeegee. The grip requires the operator to place both mid-palms face down, fitting snugly against the top of the narrow squeegee. In doing so, pinching the nerves, ligaments, tendons and other tissues that pass through the palms and wrists, including the median nerve in the carpal tunnel. The print stroke is highly repetitive and often causes operator pain and injury.

As a solution, some new products have made modifications to the original teardrop shape, but not until TheEZGrip™ patent pending design has a new technology been so influential in changing an ancient-old style and method of printing.

TheEZGrip™ original two handle system changes the basic approach by which the body interacts with the squeegee holder. The ergonomically positioned vertical handle grips help the hands and adjoining wrists in forming a straight skeletal alignment, thereby avoiding compression at the wrist. The assigned posture employs mostly the larger muscle groups in the upper arms, chest and shoulders to do the work, rather than smaller muscles in the hands and wrists, which are substantially used to operate the conventional squeegee.

Specifically, the ergonomic handles help in preventing musculoskeletal problems including discomfort, fatigue, pain and other distressing conditions, as well as the potential development of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The ergonomic benefits also translate into faster production. Ron Contreras of Graphic Silk Screen, Cottonwood AZ, has been in the printing business for 25 years and since using TheEZGrip™ has seen an increase in production. "There is no doubt, my printers and I work easier, faster and with less fatigue. As a result, we get more done with fewer mistakes."

TheEZGrip™ silkscreen squeegee is made in the USA, Phoenix, AZ. TheEZGrip™ is constructed in one-piece using shock and chemical resistant plastic and is an affordable $24.98, blade not included. The holder weights 5.5 oz. and measures 13" wide. An instructional video is available at -


TheEZGrip's New Nationwide Retailer Puts Ryonet's Green Squeegee In Your Silk Screen For Screen Printers

​June 18, 2019 - TheEZGrip Squeegee is proud to announce Ryonet Corporation, Vancouver, WA, as a new nationwide retailer for TheEZGrip screen printing squeegee holder. Additionally, the two companies have joined forces to introduce Ryonet's exclusive custom green version of TheEZGrip.

In today's world, product branding has become an essential part of a company's formula to create public awareness and success. TheEZGrip and Ryonet both use distinctive colors as branding tools, "Banana Yellow"represents TheEZGrip, and "Vibrant Green" denotes Ryonet.

"if it's yellow, it's an EZGrip, green it's Ryonet, that's known worldwide" says Ron Sievert, owner of TheEZGrip. Sievert went on to say, "When asked by  Ryonet to manufacture a green EZGrip, I considered it a natural match for the product".

Ryan Moor, a recipient of the distinguished "Inc. 500/5000 List" in 2004, owns Ryonet. Ryan strongly advocates the use of recycled material in the products he sells and TheEZGrip is no exemption. "Using recycled material for TheEZGrip makes us proud to be part of such a worthy cause, Sievert said.  

TheEZGrip is an ergonomic screen print squeegee holder, which utilizes OSHA's recommended power grip handles in place of the traditional wood squeegee's pinch grip design. The pinch grip is proven to cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a painful condition condition prevalent among screen printers.

Made in America, TheEZGrip squeegee is manufactured in Phoenix, AZ, USA. The unit price starts at $24.98, weighs 7 oz., measures 13 x 6 x 4 inches, and installs in under 5 seconds.   

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